Not just repurposing, but BEING repurposed......" if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: the old has gone, the new has come." ~~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Food, Good Meat, Good Junk, Let's Eat!

I really had wanted to join in the Gold Rush Days fun in Oronoco a few weekends ago. But traveling from Michigan to Minnesota at that time was more trip than I should tackle (well, I was willing to tackle it, but I believe God was telling me to wait. So wait I did). But I WAS bummed about missing all the junk, the fun, the people, and the blog party Junk Potluck that Amy over at Junkologie was hosting.

So I decided to hold my own family style junk cookout to try out a few ideas.

Care for something to drink?

This caged bird wasn't singing. But it was delicious.

My baked beans might be "out of this world", but in this case, I think they also provided a little bit of global warming. The vintage lunch pail idea for holding plates, napkins, and silverware (and the "global warming" line) were lifted from Candy of Junk Sophisticate. Thanks Candy!

In the back of my car I found an old bucket for chips, the bottom of a cloche for the deviled eggs, and cup/saucer for our pickles. Let's eat!
Dessert came later, but it certainly was not an afterthought.

You can never have too much dessert!

Especially when it's chocolate!

And now that a little time has passed, I've gotten over my disappointment of missing Oronoco. But I WILL get to Minnesota this year. Nothing's gonna stop me from Junk Bonanza in September. Well, my daughters think we're going to the Mall of America, but there's room for it all.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Just Finished Longest Post EVER! -- Ignore it, just thinking out loud

My previous post, completed just a few minutes ago, was probably more for my benefit than yours. It was super long, so don't feel like you have to read it. In a nutshell:


I've got some ideas already -- junk signage, tables and tools (of course), lots of usable junk on hand, clean, organized, fun, and INSPIRATIONAL. But I need details!

I would LOVE to hear from all of you on ideas you would LOVE to see in the ultimate dream workspace. (Just a hint: I'm lacking the organizational gene, so creative, out-of-the-suitcase thinking in that department would be especially helpful). Think Crazy, think BIG, think JUNKY!

Thanks for any thougths you can send my way,

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Well, first of all I want to apologize upfront for any part of this post that comes off as "whiny". It could happen. Not that I'm typically a whiner, but I have been frustrated with certain aspects of what I'm doing and I'm taking this opportunity to vent. Maybe it will be therapeutic for me. Here's the deal. I have a shop that I rent that's about 1000 sq. Not too bad. On top of that I built an "L" shaped loft area that 's probably 500 more. Ooo, even better. Additionally, I have an over flow ministorage of about 500 sq. ft. This is the part where many of you might be saying "Lucky. You should quit your whining."

But like most junkers, I have a lot of "stuff". I mean a LOT of stuff. And in this junker's opinion, ALL of it necessary. This is especially true since it not just for my projects, but for my customers as I want the focus to be on holding junking classes and parties. Mainly, my space has to perform 5 basic functions:

1. store my raw materials (need well over 1000 s.f. for this)

2. function as a workshop for making my projects (500-1000 s.f. would be nice)

3. function as a workshop for classes and parties (preferably separate, but I'm willing to share)

4. store my finished products (at least 500-1000 s.f.)

5. sales venue for my finished goods ( at least 1000 s.f.)

WAIT! That doesn't add up!

No it doesn't. So I'm constantly juggling my space. When my "sales space" is not in sale mode, it becomes "finished storage" space and looks like this:

A lot of work loading in and out, and it's also hard on my finished products. But if it's what I have to do, I'll do it.

And my sales floor converts back to workshop/classroom mode. But I still have miscellaneous piles of "stuff" sitting around with no where to go: But I deal with it. And I'm not even going to show you the piles sitting outside my back door that my kind-hearted landlord has overlooked so far.

So I found that I was building and "creating" in less than dream surroundings in order to make those dreams a reality.
I could still get some things done!

But I knew eventually I'd have to address the space issues. And when I couldn't even get to some of the things I needed anymore, I had to figure some things out. Maybe my cup runneth over, but this was ridiculous:

I knew I HAD to have access to my lumber, so I did make one decision a month ago.

One small display "room" would become a permanent, bigger, organized lumber room. I can't function without that so I compromised sales space for materials storage space.

I'm working on that right now. (Well, no, not LITERALLY right now, RIGHT now I'm typing this post, of course!)

So that only solved the lumber problem. But I still had the 5 functions problem. It was getting even worse. Sales events were becoming not good and or not a good use of my time, I couldn't get things or make the things I wanted, classes are non-existent or at the very least disorganized and less than inspiring, merchandise was getting damaged. AARRRGGHHH!


Instead of performing 5 functions poorly, my space will no longer be used for selling or storing my finished goods. Since my vision was always for Refunction Junktion first to be a place for creating and constructing, the space will just be devoted to use as a workshop/classroom with raw materials on hand, organized, and inspirational. It will be the coolest place ever! So take a good look at it in its current condition:

And this is actually, when it was VERY clean and organized. I had spiffed it up for the photograph--I don't dare show you current pictures, I can barely move in there right now.

But it is getting an overhaul! I will keep you posted!

Bye. Bye.


Well, to be quite honest I don't know. But something had to be done and decisions had to be made. I was really "stuck" and now I'm moving forward and I feel much better about that. Being the eternal optomist, I believe it will all work out ("if we build it, they will come" and all that). Besides, this is really God's venture -- I'm merely along for the ride, so I'm just going to follow His lead.

Currently, the unit right next to mine is vacant. "There you go! Why don't you rent that?" But making rent is already a struggle and I need more income to justify it. But I can't produce more income until I can do some of these things, and I can't do some of these things until I get more space, but I can't get the space....... Yes, the classic CATCH 22. I hope what I'm doing will somehow break the stalemate. That is my goal, not to give up having my merchandise available(afterall that's what provides the ultimate inspiration), but eventually to move my finished products into the neighboring space and keep them permanently displayed there and sell/inspect by appointment. No more occasional sales in my future. They've been very successful for some junkers, but it's just not my cup of tea. So for now I will try to think creatively about storing my merchandise and probably offer products for sale through the website as much as possible. I don't have all the answers yet. BUT I DO HAVE SOME OF THE ANSWERS AND THAT IS WHAT I WILL FOCUS ON.


So I will end now. Just know that changes are coming -- good ones! And I will keep you posted.