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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Just Junk Hunting

Wow, I guess it's been a while since I posted. I've been a bit focused on last weekend's sale. I figured it would be quite a bit busier than I am accustomed to because of the article. And sure enough, it was a very busy and successful sale weekend. It made me even more hopeful for the future of my business and I was excited to get busy this week. So one thing I did was visit a lady who said she might have some things I'd be interested in. Well, she certainly did have things I was interested in, but none of it was junk. I should have taken pictures. Her glorified garage was filled with collectibles and vintage pieces. It looked like a photo spread from a cottage magazine. But I did manage to leave with a few pieces that she gave me a good deal on.

I got this pile for a total of $10. There's 8 pieces of miniature picket fencing, 4 nice size wooden brackets, a piece of natural slate about 18"x18", and 2 iron grate type things. Not bad.

But Thursday was the BIG Day. My online junk friend Sue (ChicCottage) met me at my shop to begin a day of junking fun. First I gave her a grand tour of the place. Ok, so the place isn't really grand, but there is a lot of junk! I think she was a little overwhelmed.

Then we hit the road. Our first stop was Miedema Auctioneering. They are an online auction house so we couldn't buy anything, but we checked out what was currently in their two giant warehouses. I've gotten some cool things there before. Then we hit the GR Habitat Restore.
I got a can of blue paint. No biggie, but since I only buy oops! paints and I don't have any blue right now, it was a smart purchase.

Then we visited Pitsch Wrecking. I wasn't sure what Sue would think of this place as it is pretty dark, dirty, and kinda scary. But she loved it. I was so glad because I love places like that. I usually don't buy a lot, but it sure is fun to look. Sue and I spotted the box of Bingo cards at the same time and in unison declared "BINGO CARDS!" So we ended up splitting the Bingo loot. I also grabbed this pair of beaters for 50 cents hoping to try Cynthia's garden tulips. Sue ended up buying some SWEET pieces of old wood trim. Fun place, good times. Then it was off to Brann's for a late lunch.

After lunch it was time for me to face the new Goodwill Outlet. My precious Goodwill Warehouse Friday sales are no more. The news wasn't all bad however. Books are still a quarter a piece so I was able to buy these 3 Bibles (a guy at my church does prison ministry and is always on the lookout for Bibles). And the glass turned out to be even cheaper -- 20 cents for the 3. They'll come in handy for making garden totems.
And for just $2 I got this big school chalkboard. With the light surrounding it you could almost hear a heavenly "ahhh aww AHHH ahhh".
So after our awesome junk hunt, we had no time left for getting to work in the workshop. We'll leave that for the next time. And there DEFINITELY will be a next time, it was a great day!
Thanks, Sue

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Chic Cottage Junk said...

Well, Midge, I just found your blog and see that you mentioned our junk day last month. That day with you has been the highlight of my junking excursions so far! I came home and told my husband of our travels and of all your cool JUNK! I told him that he is lucky that I don't have a big storage unit or we could be in trouble.

I had the grandest time and can't wait for the next trip up to your shop! Thanks so much for showing me around and giving me more inspiration.