Not just repurposing, but BEING repurposed......" if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: the old has gone, the new has come." ~~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


HooRay! I was handed this "Honest Scrap" award by my fellow junker Kathy over at Sylvia's Vintage Daughter. Be sure to check out her really awesone blog, she is the COOLEST! Thanks Kathy.

Upon receiving this award, I need to do 4 things:

1.) Thank the presenter of this award and link to her blog.
2.) Share 10 honest things about myself.
3.) Present this award to 7 other deserving blogs.
4.) Notify those bloggers and tell them about these guidelines.


10 Honest Things About Myself

1. I once accidentally ate cat food that was in my fridge (yes, it was gross and yes, I almost hurled).

2. In my college days my secret fantasy was to one day guest host Saturday Night Live.

3. My car always has some sort of junk in it -- usually much.

4. My children think the cartoon character Peggy Hill was based on me (there really are some eerie similarities).

5. I have absolutely no desire to ever visit New York City.

6. I can place a 25 coin stack on my elbow and catch it in midair.

7. I once sent my daughter to school with a tub of butter for her lunch (I thought it was a tub of leftovers -- clearly I have some refrigerated food identification issues!)

8. On a mission trip to Venezuela several years ago, the ladder I was on slipped on the tile floor, crashing me to the floor and breaking my nose (they offered to take me to the neighboring country for medical attention -- the one where they CLEAN THEIR INSTRUMENTS. No thanks.)

9. I've never eaten a peanut butter sandwich.

10. My number one resolution each year is to do daily devotions, but I usually fall short. Luckily I have a Heavenly Father who always forgives and loves me despite my shortcomings. AND THAT'S THE HONEST TRUTH!

AND NOW.........The next 7 recipients of the "Honest Scrap" Award.........
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All of you are terrific and have wonderful blogs. Have fun with your award!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beware the Deceiver!

Okay, here's a quick and easy installment on another -- Tuesday Tool School!

Behold the humble, lovable, oh so innocent looking tape measure. We've all used one. They're very handy! But Beware the Deceiver! It seems very safe, but.......

because of that we can become nonchalent when we use it. And when we let go of the tape after we've measured something. ZZIINNNGGGGG! That tape can really come sailing back in! And. OOUUCCCCHHHHHH! If your hand is in the way when it does you'll find yourself with a nasty, painful, annoying "paper" cut. So..............Beware the Deceiver!
See ya next Tuesday.

Monday, September 21, 2009

MI to MN -- Day 3

Day 3 was devoted to all things junk!

We arrived at the Junk Bonanza shortly after it opened. But I was TOTALLY overwhelmed. I had NEVER beheld such a glorious array of junk before. So the first couple hours we spent kind of wandering and just taking it all in. Then it was time for the blog party.

Ki Nassauer, the host of the Junk Bonanza and the owner of the Junk Revolution website, pardnered up with Matthew Meade to host a blog party. They are also partnering up in creating a new magazine, Flea Market Style, set to premiere in the spring.

Not sure who each of these guests is, but at one end of the table is Jo Packham (editor of Where Women Create magazine) and at the other is Nancy Soriano (former editor of Country Living magazine). Also in attendance where many bloggers -- some I even knew!

Ki did a great job in hosting the party, just like she did a great job of hosting the Bonanza! She thoughtfully included some giveaways. We had to put our entrie slips in, what else, but a piece of junk.

Woo Hoo! I won a tote! I love it!

I know, I know! What you really want is to see the junk! Well, I tried my best to take photos, but most didn't turn out. I think I was just so worked up everything came out kinda fuzzy. But I do have a few here to share. I wanted to give credit for the booths, but I lost track in the excitement of everything. So if you know a booth, let me know and I'll name names.

This booth with the cool boat shelf belongs to Itsy Bits and Pieces, run by the mother/daughter team of of Linda and Liana. They shared the booth with Kris of Cottage Dreams.

I believe this is part of MimiToria and Cottage Elements' booth, but not sure just which person.

I think this belongs to Don from Iowa, a salvager friend of Sue's (keep reading).

Then I had the great fortune to be invited to the house of Sue Whitney, junker guru and owner of the Junk Market Style website.

Of course her house was GORGEOUS. She greeted each guest personally (with her doggie Lily).
Then she treated us to a tour of her house. Again most of my pictures didn't turn out, I think I spent most of the day in overwhelmed mode.
But here are a few passable photos....

Her house was just like viewing one of her books! What a cool experience! There was about 20 of us, and we were actually celebrating Sue's birthday. But Sue graciously provided us with a fine meal of homemade chili -- delicious! The best part of the night of course was all the people I met. Many there I had only met through the computer. The others I had never met at all! But what an awesome group of junkers! The whole thing was such an awesome, surreal experience. Maybe someday I'll have a chance to do it again. There are still some junkers out there I'm waiting to meet!
I'll just include day 4 here because the next day, we got up, packed up, and headed back to Michigan. It was a long but uneventful day and we arrived back home about 11:00 that night. It's good to be home -- but what an awesome trip it was!

MI to MN -- Day 2

Day 2 of our trip was totally dedicated to visiting the Mall of America. IT'S A VERY BIG MALL!

The center area of the mall extends 3 floors high and is home to a lot of fun!
There's a big Lego Playland.

And even a Nickelodeon amusement park!

And there's also LOTS of kiosks all throughout the mall.

The mall has a great design with three floors of stores encircling the center area. And many storefronts were very unique.

But I also saw a few names I recognized.

And many places I LOVED shopping in!

And of course some great restaurants. How could we pass up the Bubba Gump Restaurant!

It was as if Forrest was right there with us! Such fun! And, yes, we did have shrimp!

I'm not much of a shopper, but I did make a stop at this alpaca store.

Oh, yeah!

The Alpaca Connection -- such a neat store!

I do love sweaters (it's that wild child inside of me!), and this is my first alpaca one. My only purchase of the day. So me -- I know, sad isn't it. :( But I was excited to buy it.

MI to MN -- Day 1

Yeah, I know, I know. There's not much more painful than viewing someone else's vacation pictures. So I must be a bit of a masochist, because here I go ......


We got a bit of a late start Tuesday morning, but by mid-afternoon had crossed into Wisconsin and decided it was time for a break when we spotted this super touristy, super "cheesy" destination.

How could we resist!

The only thing "Mars" about it was this sign on the side of the building. ??????????

But we did notice a few "castlely" things.

They made cheese right there at the store!

They had a lot of interesting customers!

And of course silly, tacky merchandise!

But there was nothing silly or tacky about their bakery. YUMMM!

You didn't think we'd pass this up, did you?

Back on the road again. OR WERE WE ? .......... Well after some parking lot time, some road service time, some getting lost looking for Wal-Mart time, and finally some Wal-Mart Auto Service time, we were back on the road again -- sporting a brand spanking new battery.

By nighttime, we were tired and hungry and decided to stop at this fun place near the Wisconsin Dells. Hey, any place that gives away such cool hats has GOT to be fun!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were into repurposing. Yee Haw!

They were REALLY into repurposing! Fortunately for us they were also into good food. It really hit the spot!

Okay the picture's bad. But by time we left, it was getting late and I was kind of out of it. Thank goodness Becky saved the day and finished up the remaining 3 hour drive. We arrived at our hotel in Burnsville around 1:00 in the morning. We slept good!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm not sure what's up with junkers and suitcases, but we sure love them! And with suitcases come thoughts of --


Yup. Tuesday morning my two daughters and I are leaving MI and heading to MN. We'll be visiting the Mall of America, the Junk Bonanza (of course the REAL motivation for the trip), and any other adventures along the way. I'm excited to see new sights, to meet new people, and to experience new "experiences".
But no matter how great a vacation we have, there's nothing like the feeling when you get back home, walk through the door, drop your things, and announce "Ahhhh, it's good to be home."

As much as I enjoy vacations, sights, people, experiences, and just life in general, (and I REALLY do!) my life here on earth is just temporary. I guess my LIFE is on vacation!
"In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me " John 14:2,3

What an indescribably wonderful feeling it will be when my "vacation" is over, and I can drop my earthly baggage at heaven's gates and finally declare "Ahhhh, it's good to be home."

Peace. Midge