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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The "Yeahs", "Yas", "Yays" Have It!

First of all, let me just say that in no way do I consider this as imparting blog advice to anyone -- I'm very green (no pun intended) in the blog department and am in learning mode. But I did want to share a bit of an education I received this morning (thank you Google!).

I happen to approach the world of junking with a very open mind. BUT, when it comes to anything I write, I'm a bit more anal. So just as another disclaimer, know that this post isn't directed towards anything or anyone I have read. Quite the opposite! I'm not even able to pass judgment on this area because I'm never quite sure of the correct usage of words like: yeah, yay, yea, ya, etc. And I'm not looking to pass judgment, but I do want to use these words in my writing and I've always avoided them for fear of using the wrong word. SO...

Here's what I've learned:

Yeah -- another way of saying "yes" as in "YEAH, Baby!!! I'll go on a junking adventure with you to that scary salvage yard run by that old crazy guy!"

Yea -- also another way of saying "yes" especially in voting situations as in "Who loves Junk? Yeas: everyone Nays: 0"

Yah -- also a form of "yes", but the kind with tone as in "Yah. Yah. Yah. I know I've got a lot of junk. What???? Are you jealous or something?"

Yay! -- it's rhymes with hay and means "Hooray!", "Woo Hoo!", "Awesome!", or "SuperDuper!" as in "You finished your replica of the Eiffel tower made from t.p. rolls and chicken wire! Yay!"

Ya -- another word for "you", "you guys", "yuns" (learned that from my brief time in Pittsburgh), and "y'all" as in "What are ya gonna do with all that JUNK?"

I don't know if I'm the only one who struggles with this, but maybe some of you found it helpful. I know I, for one, am now going to be generously sprinkling the "yeahs" and the "yays" with full confidence.

NOW, as for -ly, to/too, and your/you're -- don't get me started. THAT conversion could get pretty ugly.



The Tattered Cottage said...

Love this post...too funny. I too struggle with a variety of words as I want to be proper in my writings. Thanks so much for sharing these words of wisdom :)

Judi said...

Midge, Your posts are a hoot! I always wondered how to spell those in the correct spelling for the meaning that I was trying to get across...whew- that took a lot out of me. Anyhoo...thanks for gleaning and sharing the wisdom with us blog-illiterate bloggers like me!
~judi ;)

bec4 said...

That is so funny because I do struggle with this when I am texting or facebooking. I go with yippee! a lot.

Sue said...

Oh my Midge, did you have your weetbix this morning??Lol, I had never realized the difference between these words, but had not been losing sleep over them...but now you have got me thinking, what about 'Phew', and 'aw', the 'oohs' and the ahhs'!
I think we need a sound effects dictionary!
Funny post, and I must admit, I hate spelling mistakes!

rosemst2t said...

Thanks for the info. Can you maybe do a whole series on this topic? Seriously, it's always a struggle to sound at least semi-literate in the great blogosphere where everything you write lives on forever and ever. (at least I think it does....) ;)

Nora said...

Midge...I think you are offering to proof all my post for me...

LOL... too cute....

Keep On Junking

junkdreams said...

Hey Midge,
Yes, I can totally relate....never really understand some of the stuff I read. I appreciated this post!!

Rachel said...

I, too, am very anal about this stuff. In fact, it bothers me so much that I've dropped blogs from my reader when the misuse of words becomes so flagrant (such as your/you're; there/their/they're; its/it's; are/our; effect/affect and more). I know it's petty of me, but it sets my nerves on end. Thanks for the public service!