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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Why, YES, my dryer IS upside down!! So glad you noticed.

Pretty excited about a recent development in my laundry room -- my dryer is upside down!

It started out several years ago right side up, sitting on a shelf I built for it, right above our new front load washer.  The washer only lasted a couple years, so for the past 6 years we've been using our temporarily hooked up washer of my parents -- 30+ years old, never a problem.

I decided it was time to deal with this issue.  So first we determined that the front loader was a goner, and we would embrace the oldster as our chosen machine.

we couldn't just slide it in the washing machine spot because the shelf wasn't high enough.  No problem, I'll just rebuild it higher! 
as it was I was tiptoeing it to reach everything....
And then it hit me -- what if the machine was upside down? 
The dials would be lower, and the barrel would be about the same. 

I took out the old shelf, cleaned up the whole area, painted it, added side shelves this time, and put in the machine upside down.  Viola!    

And although my tiny little laundry room isn't quite completely done yet, making some headway on my halfdone house inspired me to keep going
(we had taken a several year break after severe house burnout)

 So...adjacent to my very tiny laundry room will be the world's smallest bathroom!
Just a sneak peek.  I'll keep you posted!
(the wall you see on the right is the before shot of the painted laundry room wall) 



rachel said...

What a crazy but very awesome idea! Would've never thought that was even possible!! lol

judi said...

you are such a smart cookie! hey, as long as it works to dry the clothes, why not?
i've missed you midge...then again, i'd been absent for a while.
have a great weekend,

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Great solution!

Prior said...

genius! Lezlee

Joanne said...

I LOVE this idea! What a great space saver! My husband fixes washers and dryers for Sears - I'll have to mention this to him and get his opinion - it will probably make it a little harder to access, but so do all stacked units these days (which we don't have yet, since he can fix the old ones...)
FYI... I'm making the jump into blogging myself - haven't got much on it yet but working on it. Watch my FB page for info coming soon!