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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Fridays at the Goodwill Warehouse!

I love going to our local Goodwill warehouse Friday only sales. This week was a good week for me and I thought I'd share what I found and my reasons for buying (afterall, it is just junk). I won't share individual prices just yet, but I will give you the grand total at the end of the post.

Probably my favorite finds -- a vintage suitcase and a globe. Do I have to say more? I can't get THOSE every week so I scooped them right up.

Three sets of skis and a set of ski poles. Well, I always pick those up when I see them at the GWw. They're good for a few projects I do such as bookcase, easels, and picture frames. I almost have enough now to make a headboard, too. The skates? In a winter wonderland where I live, who doesn't want them for decorating?

Not quite sure yet what these will be used for, but I like them. The black one says "Mackinac Island, MI" and I think it's pretty sweet!

Two wool sweaters (1 Ambercrombie & Finch) -- for pillows, seat covers, Christmas stockings.
One tweed sportcoat and one wool blanket -- also good for pillows and upholstering. One leather coat -- probably will be cut up into strips for a shag project. And one adorable pink pair of little girls cowboy boots -- too cute to pass up but not sure yet what they'll be.

The roaster (two for the price of one) will probably be used for a planter or other kind of display or even part of a fountain. The wine glasses are perfect for making tiered dessert stands. The creamer will probably end up as a bird feeder. And the plate will be smashed for mosaic projects.

OK. "How desperate for junk is she?" you might be thinking. But laundry baskets actually play a big part in my workshop. Upstairs in my storage loft I use them like crazy for trying to organize all my junk. More junk = more need for laundry baskets. The golf clubs might end up as a coat "hook", legs for a table, or a few other things. The figurine lamp I'm not too sure about, but it was marked made in Japan and my parents had some similar stuff so I grabbed it.

Same story with the Singer machine, it was just too good of a deal to pass up. The crockpot, okay, that's a bit of a silly purchase. I'm on a bit of a chocolate-making kick, so I thought it might be useful for serving as a double boiler for keeping chocolates warm.

The table tops will be great as -- tabletops, but of course painted, mosaiced, or decoupaged.
The legs will probably be poles for birdfeeders. And the lazy susan, well, I guess I just like things that spin!

I just love vintage phones. The metal index box is still up in the air, but I've seen a few cute projects with them. The heat lamp looked kind of interesting. I really like the "shade" so I'm hoping to come up with something good for that.

It's too bad it didn't show up in the photo, but the label reads Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits.
How cool is that?! I think that one has a great future as a top for a funky side table.
Okay, now are you ready for the grand total?..... For everything you've seen here (no more and no less) the bill came to a whopping $20.25. Not too bad in my opinion. Luckily
I had a spare quarter on me, $20 is usually my limit. It's not like I need more stuff, but sometimes you have to buy while the buying's good.
Hope you had fun looking at my haul, I sure had fun getting it.


Marge said...

Awesome junk, Midge and great prices!

LuvMyGarden said...

Ooooh - love that sewing machine! I have one nearly identical that I bought used in 1980. I have worked that poor thing so hard, but it just keeps right on going - its a real workhorse. You had a great shopping day - hope to see some of the projects you'll come up with. See you at the Junk Revolution!

Ki said...

Wow! Don't you just love Goodwill! It would be interesting to figure out how much you would have paid for these items new. I wasn't so sure about the crock pot until you said chocolate! I bet you filled 2 shopping carts!