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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Food, Good Meat, Good Junk, Let's Eat!

I really had wanted to join in the Gold Rush Days fun in Oronoco a few weekends ago. But traveling from Michigan to Minnesota at that time was more trip than I should tackle (well, I was willing to tackle it, but I believe God was telling me to wait. So wait I did). But I WAS bummed about missing all the junk, the fun, the people, and the blog party Junk Potluck that Amy over at Junkologie was hosting.

So I decided to hold my own family style junk cookout to try out a few ideas.

Care for something to drink?

This caged bird wasn't singing. But it was delicious.

My baked beans might be "out of this world", but in this case, I think they also provided a little bit of global warming. The vintage lunch pail idea for holding plates, napkins, and silverware (and the "global warming" line) were lifted from Candy of Junk Sophisticate. Thanks Candy!

In the back of my car I found an old bucket for chips, the bottom of a cloche for the deviled eggs, and cup/saucer for our pickles. Let's eat!
Dessert came later, but it certainly was not an afterthought.

You can never have too much dessert!

Especially when it's chocolate!

And now that a little time has passed, I've gotten over my disappointment of missing Oronoco. But I WILL get to Minnesota this year. Nothing's gonna stop me from Junk Bonanza in September. Well, my daughters think we're going to the Mall of America, but there's room for it all.


red.neck chic said...

oh my gosh - i love it!!!! I would DEFINITELY have enjoyed your cook out more!!! And weakness...LOL

That's a great picnic table!!!

bec4 said...

Looks delicious--the food and the junk!

Chic Cottage Junk said...

How unique cool is that?! What a picnic! Congrats on Sue featuring you over at the JunkMarket!!! Great job!


Gretchen said...

What a great job you've done on junking up fabulously the presentation of your families food.
Enjoyed reading the article about your business that was in the newspaper link on your website. Very fun article. Congrats!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

LOL!! Now that is one creative tablescape!! That lunchbox and globe... you're awesome. :)

Thanks for sharing your 'junk' on SNS!
FJ Donna