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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Local Kid Gone Hollywood (Taylor Lautner) Hosted Saturday Night Live Last Night!

Okay, so now I know, or should I say KNEW a Hollywood celebrity -- TAYLOR LAUTNER, star of the Twilight New Moon movie. He also hosted Saturday Night Live last night. I thought he did a great job, but I'm a little biased. He's suddenly a big star, and seems to be getting bigger all the time, both physically and figuratively.

The last time I saw him in person he looked a litttle more like this:

You see, if you read anything about him it will probably say that he left Michigan at about age 11.
Occasionally, it might say Grand Rapids, Michigan. But I don't think it ever says Hudsonville, Michigan, the suburb of Grand Rapids I am from. And never, never would it say Jamestown, an area within the Hudsonville district. But that is where I live and that is where Taylor lived and went to school through 4th grade (maybe 5th too).
If you look in the upper corner of the photo you will see Edgar, the little boy I was an ESL aide for at Jamestown Elementary. So I knew Taylor a little bit from occasionally working in the 4th grade classroom. Taylor was (hopefully still is) a very nice and friendly kid. He was always very nice to Edgar, and Edgar thought Taylor was "cool". I mostly remember seeing Taylor in the hallways doing flips and usually trying to work them into group projects with his peers.
Also, I started an afterschool Spanish club that year and Taylor was one of the kids that came. I can't say that he was there every time though. He missed a few times because according to the other kids he was flying to LA for auditions. He hoped to get started in the movie industry. RIIIGGGHHHTTT. Dream on, Taylor..................................OH.


Debbies48 said...

He's the hottest young man in Hollywood right now. He's doing real good for himself. Those Twilight movies are going to make Taylor a very rich man.

red.neck chic said...

LOLOL You're so fun!!! I'm team Jacob so it just THRILLS me to death to know he comes from a good place!!!

Oh, did I just admit to watching those movies and reading the books? hmmm...

;-) Robelyn

Tricia said...

Dreams do come true, huh?! The yearbook photo is so funny. Thanks for sharing, Midge.