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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Have you met Alice?

Have You Met Alice?

Does this look familiar?

Well, if it does, you've probably already stopped by Alice's blog at yesteryearsjewels. And if not, you need to get on over there and check out this and her other great posts.

Who, you might ask, is Alice? Well, Alice is a dear friend of mine, which seems funny since I've never even met her. But I've gotten to know her through JunkMartketStyle, our blogs, and Facebook. So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to discover her the winner of my little challenge a couple weeks ago -- she KNOWS how cheap I am. The challenge: to guess the total amount spent on my trip to the Goodwill. The prize: a feature post on this blog. So here goes!

This post will be presented interview style based on Alice answers to questions I asked her. Sit back and enjoy getting to know Alice just a little bit better, then go check out her blog.

Midge: I know you live in Texas, but tell me a little more about where you live, why, how long, etc.
Alice: Very Boring. Born, raised, and always lived in Ft. Worth. Thirty-three years ago we moved to the burbs which has now become the city of Benbrook. So to sum it up -- 60 (YIKES) years!

Midge: Are you married? If so tell me a little about your husband. Do you have children/grandchildren?
Alice: My husband Darrell is from Austin, MN, home of Spam! He took me to the Museum -- WAY too much fun!! He says once he learned there were warmer places he never looked back. He has 2 children. I have 1 daughter. My/our daugher is always looking out for us. She has the most adorable son. Hunter is six. He has his own room at our house. We have lived in the same house for 33 years. Hunter calls me "Ghee" and calls Darell "Pops". In his room we have an antique four poster bed. He wanted a tent so we have clamps with a green sheet attached to the posters with an eye hook in the ceiling. We have Christmas lights around his mirror. We really enjoy him!!!!
Our oldest granddaughter, Sarah, is graduating from A & M this year (the week before the big event with Sue ). Sarah's brother, Spencer, is 16 and in high school. He got his drivers license this year -- YIKES! He is raising a pig at his school. We have 4 more grandchildren that we don't have the chance to see very much.

Midge: Besides junking, do you or did you have a job? What kind of work do/did you do?
Alice: I worked a real job for 2 years in an office. It was NOT me! In '78 my mother and I opened an antique store -- Yesteryear's Leftovers. Darrell was so supportive. In '79 we went to the Dallas Market with old quilt bears. That was a wild ride for sure. We were in every major store in NYC. We were featured in numerous magazines -- Country Living, Smithsonian, etc.
When Darrell retired he wanted me to, too. So in January of 2001 we did. I also did patterns for Butterick. That was really fun!

Midge: When you're not junking, what kinds of things would I find you doing?
Alice: Having my grandson Hunter, reading, making jewelry, blogging, painting, working at my church.

Midge: If I bumped into you in the grocery store, what would you be dressed like?
Alice: Summer -- crop jeans, flip flops, t-shirt. Winter -- jeans, sweats, tennis shoes.

Midge: What is your favorite restaurant or food?
Alice: Italian or Mexican.

Midge: Tell me about your upcoming trip to NYC?
Alice: My friend's son lives there. My friend's husband died sudenly in November so we started planning a trip. We are really going just for pleasure.

Midge: Where else have you traveled to? If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Alice: I've traveled to the Carribean (E., W., & S.), Baltic countries, South Pacific, Canada, Alaska, England, Europe (Italy, France, Luxembourg, Germany), and Mexico. I think I would like to explore New Zealand. Of course, I really want to go back to Italy and stay another 3 weeks!

Midge: Tell me about any of your favorite books, music, movies, or t.v.
Alice: Right now I am reading Susan Wiggs. I enjoy country music. I like the movies Blind Side, Sound of Music, South Pacific, and Miracle on 34th St. I also like the t.v. shows NCIS, Mentalist, and American Pickers.

And now the good stuff.....
Midge: What is your junk "specialty"?
Alice: Good question! I really enjoy the architectural pieces, can't see to get enough of them. I like making different things with them.

Midge: How long have you been junking?
Alice: Well, off and on (mostly on) 50 years.

Midge: Do you junk for yourself, or as a money-making venture?
Alice: I wish I was making money because I could buy more junk! I do sell some of my creations -- it's my jewelry that sells (some ot the time anyway). But I junk mostly for pleasure and fun with my chums.

Midge: What was your favorite junk find or purchase?
Alice: There are so many I will have to think a bit. The kitchen sink! We got it at a salvage store. It is 52" including the drain boards. And all my architectural pieces.

Midge: What was the project of yours you were most pleased with?
Alice: My red cabinet.

Midge: Do you have any junk goals for 2010?
Alice: I would like to go to Oronco Gold Days. I would really like to organize my studio. We have a 30x50 barn FULL. It would be really good to clean and organize it.

Midge: What is your favorite tool?
Alice: Well, it depends on what I am doing. My hand sander for wood. Otherwise the drill press and all my jewelry tools.

Midge: Since you've been junking, what has surprised you the most in some way?
Alice: What people will throw away, what they charge for the "Uglies/New", and how cheap the good cruddy stuff is (Yea).

Midge: What's your favorite thing about junking?
Alice: Meeting new people. That is what to me is so great about blogging and JMS!

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed the chance to know Alice a little better as much as I did.


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Alice is great! I enjoyed the interview and getting to know her more!!

I hope to see you both at Oronoco Gold Rush Days this August! It's time for another blog party!! :)


red.neck chic said...

Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH!!! I MET Alice on Saturday! I'm not kidding! I met her - she told me her name (she's as cute as a button!!!) and I did NOT put it together until it was too late and Sunday morning! And now... THANK YOU for telling me more about her!!! I'm all dancing around in my chair and stuff 'cause she looked at me and grinned... LOL

I'm resuming the dance... thank you again!

;-) robelyn

Jill said...

This was great to get to know her better. I see her picture around blog land and I've been to her blog but now I'll be thinking we're buds!

Prior said...

Oh, I loved this interview! I love you and Alice, I want to meet up sometime at first monday! Y'all are great! I'm having a giveaway and party that I know you could join up to in a hurry 'cause its about making stuff from other stuff, so come on over!Lezlee

judi said...

this was a great post about was nice getting to know her better! wow and to think her bears were featured in some prominent mags was icing on the cake (for her). isn't it strange to think that we can be "friends" with someone we've never met in's kind of like the old school pen pal idea!
~judi ;)

Anonymous said...

What a great interview! Great questions Midge, and Alice is so much fun! She is SO positive and really funny! After reading this, I feel like I know her even better! Loved it! Marie

Blogger said...

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