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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tool School Tuesday -- Confession Time!

Okay, so I have a confession to make (actually two).
Anyone who's read even a little of my blog quickly learns how much I LOVE using my tools. But the truth, I realized the other day, is that I don't really love using my tools.
Don't get my wrong, I don't dislike using my tools either. It's just that many people think I'm a "hands" person. You know, one of those people who learns best by doing something with their hands, or who is always "tickering", or dreams of retiring so they can spends their days knitting or whittling. THAT'S NOT ME.
Truth by told, I'm more of a "word" and "idea" person. I love learning, I love the sound of words, and I LOVE thinking up fresh ideas -- whether it be business ideas, house remodeling, event activities, etc., or (you guessed it) junk projects. But what good is it to have ideas if you do not have the means to make them a reality. And THAT'S where the tools come into play. I don't have a problem learning and trying new things. And having the ability to use my tools, opens up a whole world of possibilities for home and junk projects -- without having to ask someone for help, or wait to get it done, or pay someone to do it. I can just do it! -- and just the way I want it done too. So maybe you could say I love having the ABILITY to use my tools.
The reason I'm telling you this is because I don't want anyone to feel that they can't learn to use their tools because they're not a "hands" person. Anyone can learn to use tools! Desire is the number one prerequisite.
Which leads me to confession number 2:
Despite wanting to be more disciplined about posting my Tool School Tuesdays each week, I had nothing planned for today. So I am making this up as I go -- I'm winging it! And here's what I got for you:
I would love to share with you anything I've learned through my years of working with tools. So I welcome any questions you might have. They could be about home improvement/repair, tool use, or whatever. Or if you have a certain topic you would like me to post about, I would welcome your suggestions. Free feel to ask/suggest away in your comments. I certainly don't know everything (I learned in my own way what works best for me), but if I can be of help to anyone in anyway, I say "bring it on!"

That's what I got, fire away!

P.S. Please don't ask any questions about welding -- also if you'd read even a little of my posts, you would've quickly learned that I don't yet know how to weld but want to very much -- just waiting to get me a welder (the machine, not the person).

9 comments: said...

I love working with my tools. Saws in particular! At the end of a good day's work, it makes me feel good to look at what I have created. Today... worked on garage, but still did some sawing. I added wheels to my table saw so that I can move it around easier.
Here's my silly question. Which is your Favorite tool to use? and what is the your favorite thing to work on?
take care!

junkermidge said...

Gail, I am very aware of your love of tools -- you and I could have some big time fun together. I'll probably lay awake tonight rethinking this answer, but I'm going to say that I really like using my air nailer (framing). I don't get to use it very much anymore, but when I do it's much more fun than swinging a hammer. I do like to work on old pieces that need sanding. It's so cool when different colors start popping out. So, I do love the palm sander, and the sawzall, oooo, and the cutoff wheel. I really like projects from old doors. But it's hard to narrow down my favorite anything. How about you? I know you make some awesome headboard benches. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

Prior said...

I need to learn, but most things I don't learn until I have too and I have a husband, 4 sons and a soninlaw, that can just do things with tools so much faster and better, plus my daughter and daughterin law can, too. lazy lezlee

red.neck chic said...

Okay... here's my question for you. How the heck do I stop myself from jumping a mile high, rememberin' myself to breathe and get closer than the 10' I try to put between myself and... a table saw. Yes, a table saw. I will use a hack saw for HOURS rather than run something through a table saw. LOLOL

All advice welcome.
;-) robelyn

junkermidge said...

RedNeck -- That is a great question! So great, in fact, that I will do next Tuesday's tool post on that very question (of COURSE I will include duct tape references). Please don't think this is some kind of stall tactic because I really just don't have an answer for you yet --NO, PLEASE DO NOT THINK THAT. I WOULD NEVER CONCOCT A COMPLETE RUSE JUST TO DELAY ANSWERING A QUESTION. OR WOULD I?...Hmmm....

junkermidge said...

Lezlee, you're breaking my heart with that "everyone else can do it for me" propaganda. I always thought of you as a pioneer/can-do spirit kind of woman. Think of the children! All those young girls you can mold into future tool gals. But, hey, NO PRESSURE!

Prior said...

Ok, so you are making me feel a little guilty... AND my own Mother got a jig saw the same Christmas my Daddy got a blender,He'd just gotten false teeth,lol,
But I am a realist and I have really strong handy men in my family, who love to do my bidding for a little chocolate pie!
(Seriously, I do like to make things for myself, so just mend that ole' broken heart!) YOU inspire me! Lezlee

Marie'soldnews said...

Hey Midge! I love my cutoff saw! I'm working on honing frame making skills, so for the moment, that's my favorite! I use sanders the most though, almost daily, and I'm with you! I love to see what's underneath the top layer...I am lucky to have had a Contractor stair builder husband once upon a time and I paid close attention! Wish I'd had much more time with him...but that's a whole other subject! Love your blog! Marie

alice said...

I like the drill press and I love my palm sander. I am not very good with tools BUT I would like to learn. We have so many and our garage is like Sanford and Son. I don't go out in HB domain.
Smiles, alice