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Monday, May 31, 2010

"As The Blades Turn"..-- No Soap Opera, But creating some Drama

So I'm still working on improving my workshop for display mode. No wonder it was so bad before! It takes a LOT of time, effort, and experimentation (all of which I didn't bring before). But now I'm trying giving it my best shot and trying to put into practice some of the strategies I've detected out in blogland.

One of the things I've noticed -- CREATE DRAMA!

Okay, so maybe this isn't Jerseylicious, The Hills, or teenage girl dramatic, but here in West Michigan we have a thing for Dutch "stuff". Besides, who doesn't love things that move. So I decided that these windmill blades would look great mounted on a wall in my shop.

They actually, I realized later, are for the windmill body that is sitting in my side yard waiting to be refurbished. That's a big job anyway and may never happen, so up they went. In my stash I found a lazy susan that had a base with 4 legs. I simply screwed the metal plates onto the wall and then attached the blades to the 4 legs.

Now being the good Dutch girl that I am, just looking good was not enough. I had to put it to use and get some value out of it. So I pulled out some photos and clothespin.

Sure enough it worked. And each blade can hold a lot of photos. And, of course, give it a spin and you have a whole other collection of photos to view.

It is for sale, but I don't anticipate it selling real soon. But it certainly is fun and I think it will generate a lot of interest. So I will put it to use in the meanwhile and use it for displaying my customer's project photos. And it doesn't have to hold photos, it could also hold business cards, kid's artwork, messages, and even a reminder or two to go scrub the streets, make some pea soup, or starch your Dutch caps.
So tune in tomorrow when we'll discover...........???.....


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i think that is soooo cool!!! you always do such neat things and think outside the box. way to go- i would love a windmill like this in my house!

Marge said...

Great idea and another unique creation!!

Melissa said...

Ah, so you are Dutch too!! I guess that shouldn't be too surprising. I will be up in your neck of the woods the 10th through the 17th (I have two sisters and one brother)...

I knew exactly where those blades were coming from - great idea!! said...

soo cute! I love the display idea! I hope it sells real quick to some other good dutch girl! :)
I'll be headed to michigan for a family reunion later this month. (pinckney)
thanks for your ideas on my nightstand. I'm a little behind in my comments! I do plan to put a basket in the top. Jamie gave me one while I was there, but it's too big. :(
The distressing will have to wait till I start on my bedroom in July. It's already in the bedroom for now. Thanks!

Donna said...

Great ideas! Thanks for coming over to my blog. Did you get to Sue's junk and architecture show? I didn't get to go. Hopefully get to go in the fall.

Robyn said...

OHHHH I LOVE IT! I'm of Polish descent not Dutch, is that okay? LOL PLEASE come to my blog and check out what I just got, I think you'll appreciae's RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY! One of the really cool boutiques in Baltimore has this FABULOUS wall display of books. It's about 4 1/2 feet by 3 feet tall. The books are opened and collaged all over, some are closed, some the pages are open and stuck back on both sides some are open and flappy. It's a FABULOIUS display for a store! My friend loves it so much that she had her Father replicate it in her family room above her couch with old books!

alice said...

That is so darn clever! It is just perfect. I think it will be "flying" out!
smiles, alice

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

I love windmills, there's something about them! Very clever use....functional too! Love it! Your blog is wonderful, so glad I found you!