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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Love All!

Okay, I admit that I'm not really sure what that title means, but I DO know that it's a tennis term so it seemed fitting for this recent project of mine. And while I wouldn't quite say that I LOVE them, I do think that they turned out pretty fun and would look great in a cottage type style decor.

I had some random pieces of broken mirror that I wanted to use up so I went hunting around for something different to put them in. When I saw a few vintage tennis racquet presses, I figured that would do the trick. And I found a -- SURPRISE -- the wing nets are designed to be unremovable. So first I had to use my dremel to cut off the little springs between the frames (if I had left them in place I wouldn't have been able to get the frames close enough to each other).

I cut the mirror to fit, added a little mirror adhesive to the back, slipped it in, and screwed down the wingnuts nice and tight. I simply hung from a nail on the wall (I'll probably devise a better hanging method later). You'll have to turn your head a bit sideways, not sure why I can't spin photo. But you'll see that because the jutting out screws provide such a great place for hanging things, I decided to add some chalkboard tags.
Of course, some great words (of affirmation) for these would be: star, champ, winner, love, player, etc. For this trio of mirrors I went with the obvious -- GAME... SET ... MATCH!
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Sue said...

Hey Midge, they look great!
I have a collection of these, about 15-20 so far...I intend to make them photo frames, eventually! said...

wow! great repurpose! You did a great job.

Lisa said...

Wonderfully creative! Love the project. Great use of the broken mirror

Pam said...

That's so incredibly clever! I have used broken mirror in a couple of projects but I'm a terrible cutter of mirrors ( know what I meant, right?), so I just had to use them in whatever shape they already came. Your use is really charming! Yeah for creativity! Following you thru FJSNS. Pam @ Sallygoodin

Linda said...

Midge~ these are really cool! What a great project~ thanks for sharing!

Meg said...

Very neat! Love it.

Anonymous said...

I love these shapes---what a fantastic idea--thanks for sharing!

Prior said...

LOVE ALL of them... Lezlee