Not just repurposing, but BEING repurposed......" if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: the old has gone, the new has come." ~~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

Monday, May 18, 2009

An Award from Kathy!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my friend Kathy from the blog -- Sylvia's Vintage Daughter. Kathy is a shabby chick who loves going on junking adventures and has a real talent for repurposing and merchandising. Be sure to check out her blog. She received this "Kreativ Blogger" award from the JunkFest gals and has now passed it on to me. I'm very touched and grateful (and excited,too).

The receiver of this award must do 4 things:

1.) List 7 things that you love

2.) Link back to the blog that awarded this to you

3.) Choose 7 blogs to pass the award on to

4.) Comment at each of those blogs to let them know you've given them an award

So, okay, here goes my "7 Things that I love".....

1.) God, the Creator of the Universe, and His Son and my Savior, Jesus Christ -- without them I would be and have nothing

2.) My family, of course -- husband-Chris, daughter-Erin(25), daughter-Becky(21), son-Andrew(18), son-Ben(16)

3.) I wasn't sure if I should include him with my family, but I love my dog, Samson -- Old English Sheepdog (6 or 42 in dog years)

4.) My community -- I live out in the country just outside of Hudsonville, MI. A small town I grew up in with freshly mowed lawns, lots of churchs, was "dry" until last year, a love of football and sports in general, and I've never been to the grocery store without seeing someone I know. I love my town!

5.) Okay, I've got to keep it real here -- I love to eat! Spaghetti, mashed potatoes, Diet Pepsi, Chicken ala King, Mexican food of any kind, steak, Chinese buffet, and ice cream are among my favorites.

6.) A Steamy Hot, Lengthy Shower in the morning -- nuff said.

7.) Last, but definitely, definitely, definitely not least -- JUNKING! That encompasses a lot of things: my shop where I do my junk thing, finding cool junk (preferably free), thinking up creative ways to use junk (usually in the middle of the night when I supposed to be sleeping), talking junk with other junkers, and using my tools (they're NOT junk -- just junky).

And now to pass the award on to 7 other blogs. The 7 blogs I'm passing this award on to are:

1.) chiccottagejunk
2.) theramblingsatchippewacreek

3.) jillruth
4.) prissynprimtiques

5.) redneckchic
6.) thesalvagestudio
7.) 365dayorganizer

These are all fun blogs to visit. Be sure to check them out.



Cindy said...

Midge, thank you so much for the award!! I will be posting hopefully later today :)

I didn't know you had started blogging, way to go!! Now, I'll have to get up to date.... still need to find time to get to your shop on my way to Charlotte....

Kathy said... are very welcome - you've got some great creative "junk" going on (love your post on JMS - the player piano...absolutely fabulous!!).

And, hey...we need to get together for dinner - some spaghetti over our mashed potatoes, washed down with a Diet Pepsi, and then ice cream for dessert (some of my favs too!!).

Have a great day! Kathy

(P.S. Go Bucks!! - I have to do that to my Michigan friends...sorry!)

red.neck chic said...

Thank You so much for the award!!! I love your blog - and I enjoy all of your posts and projects on the revolution!!!

Hey...I want to eat dinner with you and Kathy! LOL In Texas we fry our ice cream - interested? heehee

:-) Thank Again!!! I'll let you know when I post!!!

Jill said...

Thanks Midge! I enjoy your blog and you have great ideas!

Chic Cottage Junk said...

Thank you very much, Midge, for the award. I have made you proud and followed the instructions and now 7 other very creative gals out there have been given the award for their creativity as well.

Thank you SO much!!