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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day in Small Town America!

Happy Memorial Day!
I just got home from the local parade in our small community. Jamestown is a "suburb" of Hudsonville (pop. 9000). Jamestown is a small area out in the country, but they throw one mean parade!

Ready and waiting!

It's all about these guys.

Every paradae needs a drumline.

Depicting Jamestown's first ever schoolhouse -- an old one-room building still standing today, but not used in years. They hope to convert it into a museum.

Churches are a big part of our community and a big part of the parade. (No, the church that has the float is not the one you see in the background).

Tractors were everywhere and, of course, John Deere rules.

Local businesses had to get in on the act, too.

My favorite float! A guy who lives down the street from me (and coincidentally goes to my church AND we graduated from high school together) has a farm and many siblings. So they decorated one of their trailers and provided their own family band. I think they were playing "Battle Hymn of the Republic" or something. I LOVE SMALL TOWN LIVING!

Anyone wanting to join in was welcome.

Oops, can't forget about the horses.

All done. Time to go home and fire up the Weber grill!
Have a wonderful day. And thank you to all the troops, past and present, and the sacrifices made for our freedom.

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LuvMyGarden said...

Love the parade! I've lived my life in a small rural community - so much like your photos. Makes me feel right at home! And proud to see our veterans are still respected and honored around this country. Great post!