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Friday, July 24, 2009

Just more junk!

Okay, I was planning to post something else, but don't want to post too often without including junk or junk projects. So first, this is just some junk I'll share.

Of course my favorite kind of junk is the free kind, but sometimes you have to spend a little money to get those one of a kind items. When my friend Julie called to say she had some vintage waterskis, how could I refuse?

Check out the cool graphics on this pair, straight from Cypress Gardens in Florida. The three skis together would make an awesome hall tree.

Probably can't tell from the photo, but these are child's size and it was the pair Julie and her sisters learned to ski on. Not to worry, I won't harm them, but I will probably convert them into something useful like a shelf or bench. Don't you love the color!

I had already agreed to pay $20 for the skis (a little more than I'm used to paying for junk, but how often do you come across such sweet waterskis?), but then she added this chair to the mix. Always so many possibilities with something like this.

And to make the deal even sweeter, she threw in a few more goodies. All in all, a good deal for both of us.

HERE'S what I got for free later in the week. It's just a sampling because the rest are buried in the back of my trusty minvan, but I got 10 of the small windows and 2 of the big ones. Just sitting at the curb on garbage day! I see some mini-greenhouses in my future (though the one I already broke will probably become a memo/chalk board.

More curbside finds -- 2 cabinet doors, some plywood pieces, rope, and a yardstick. It will all go into my giant pile of junk supplies -- very handy stuff.
Also scooped up but not pictured (also buried in the van) -- metal folding chair, some wood molding, and end and rails from a crib (where is the other end and rails?....hmmm).
Anyway, just thought I'd share. Now it's on to a different kind of post. Stay tuned.

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