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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Keeping it Real!

A few weeks back in a post, I lamented about my frustrations in not being a "good" bloggger and posting on a regular basis. I haven't progressed much since then, but I am happy to report that I have been doing my devotions every morning (which is much more important than blogging, afterall).

But I did think about how I might be a more consistent blogger and thought that if each day of the week was roughly set aside for a certain topic it might help. So I thought about different things I like on other blogs and I went from there and compiled my schedule -- and there it sat.
So today I decided to be just a day late and do my Tuesday Tool School post. I took a bunch of pictures and NONE of them turned out decent! So, of course, I took that as a sign (I'm a big believer in signs) and decided to do my Wednesday post (since it is Wednesday).

I was stalling on the Wednesday post because I have designated my Wednesday's topic as "Keeping it Real". I'm much more comfortable talking about tools and projects than about myself and my life. However, I so appreciate bloggers who are able and willing to share themselves with their readers -- the good and the bad (of themselves, not readers!). So on Wednesdays I will try to share a little more of myself. Here goes...

Well, I already covered my daily devotion progress -- check.
But something I haven't mentioned is that another area of my life that needed work was my weight/health. My profile picture must have just been a lucky one for me, because it really doesn't give away that I AM OVERWEIGHT -- A LOT! (There....I said it...and I guess that wasn't so bad.) I didn't think it was the appropriate time to deal with it because I already have enough going on in my life and I didn't want to take on "another projct". But we had an interesting development around our dinner table 3 weeks ago. All 6 of us are overweight and don't eat the healthiest and were discussing it. Then my daughter Becky (22) said "Hey, why don't we all hold our own family Biggest Loser". So that is what is happening in my family's life right now. Everyone is doing the method that works best for them. And we are to encourage each other. We would like to collectively lose 250 pounds by the end of the year! (I TOLD you we are all heavy). And as an extra incentive we are working on plans for a family vacation if we make our goal. So, how is it going? Well some are doing good, some are struggling, some are rebelling. But my plan is to go steadily and in common sense method -- less food, better food, and more exercise. So far I'm doing okay. And I've probably lost about 5#, so I'm about on track, I just have to stay serious about it.

Anyway, I did have another topic to share but it will definitely be wordy and I've already shared enough for now, so I will save that for next Wednesday. But here's a little hint: I love to re-use things... well... even my house is recycled!

So...the topic I have designated for Thursday is projects. So look for a project post tomorrow. And Friday is all about Junk Fun (I just don't know what that means yet, but I'm working on it -- please share if you have an inspiration).

Peace out.


Tricia said...

Oh, Midge, I'm excited for you! For all of you. It is tough. My husband and I are trying to be smarter about diet and exercise as well. Unfortunately my sweet tooth wins out all too often. It's so great that the 6 of you have each other for support. I wish you nothing but the best.


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

hi midge! just wanted to say i wish you and your family the best of luck in your lifestyle change. (can you tell i work in the fitness industry?) the thing to make sure of is that whatever method you use, it needs to be a plan fo rlife- something you can stick with. if anyone drastically diets or drastically exercises, it won't be doable in the long term. we're looking at weight loss and life longevity here. if you need any tips, just shoot. i now just teach classes at the gym, but i was a personal trainer before i had kids. it is wonderful that you have the support of 5 other fabulous people! i will keep you guys in my thoughts- i know it is a challenge, but midge, you can make anything out of doors, or any old junk, so i know you can do this!

Chic Cottage Junk said...

Good luck junkin' buddy! What a great challenge for the whole family to take on as partners and encouragers. I hope you all success!


Sue said...

What a great idea, I wish you all the best! It would have to be a good incentive to beat the rest of your family!
I too have trouble with blogging lately, and my junking projects are at a standstill.I browse everyones blogs for inspiration, but I am having a junkers block for sure!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Such a great idea! It's great to have support network!

Gail said...

What's fabulous is that you're family is all on board - and working toward living a healthier life!

By the way, I love the daily devotional idea - but what exactly do you do? Read the bible, reflect, contemplate? (Blog post topic?)

Just curious!

Good luck with the goal! You (all) can do it!

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Good luck with your biggest loser contest! It's so much better to have a friendly competition going.
Rose said...

I'm glad you have a plan for both your blog, and your health! I hope the rebel comes on over to the winning side! :)
Good luck to all of you. Now that you've put it in print, you're holding yourself accountable!
thanks for keeping it real!

judi said...

you go girl! and the rest of your family too! as cassie said, it's a lifestyle change. if i can add my advice...stay away from the sweets..sugar is the enemy. stay away from processed foods...each whole real foods. drink lots of water. i've been on a lifestyle change for over 4 years now and don't take anything over the counter or prescription cuz i don't get headaches anymore. yeah.
i'm rooting for you all!
judi ;)

Melissa said...

Ah!! what a great idea to do as a family and to have an incentive to meet your goal.

I am working on losing weight right now - I crashed and burned today...but I just have to get right back up and go again...

Anonymous said...

Midge, You're not alone with the weight lost battle. I, too, have a sweet tooth. It's nice to hear that everyone is on board for making some major healthy changes. I wish you and yours much success!

Thanks for sharing.