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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not just a pipe dream!

So I bought a nifty little tool last week that I just love!  I think it's changed my life!  It cuts glass into circles! WHOA!!  I didn't even know there was such a thing.  But....there is, I have one, and I'm having fun!

It enabled me to put to use a piece I bought awhile back at an online auction.  Minimum bid is $5.00 (a pretty major investment for a Dutch girl like me), but I liked that it's so industrial, yet had great details, a hint of red, and was round -- I knew instantly what I would do with it.  So I bid, and at the end of the day is was still mine.  YIPPEE! 

It's actually a clamp for piping of some sort.  And pretty substantial pipes at that -- can you read that #?....6"....That's a pretty big pipe. 

And it's designed to open up and then clamp down -- perfect for what I had in mind! 

So I used a cardboard template to make sure to get just the right size I wanted for a circle.  Then I went ahead and used my handy dandy new tool to cut a circle from a mirror. 

In case later someone might unclamp it, I didn't want it entirely glued, so I set the mirror in the bottom half into some epoxy....  

then closed the top half and clamped down the handle.... 


I hope I've given you something to reflect on.  Junking isn't all just pipe dreaming you know.



Debbie V said...

your "pipe" is adorable and you must watch more wholesome tv than I do. People are always breaking into places with one of those on the shows I watch :)

Laurel said...

LOVE this Noreen!!! Way cool :) Laurel

alice said...

Oh Midge!
Not only are you talented you are a hoot to boot!
smiles, alice

Lucy Designs said...

I gotta know where to find a circular glass cutter! and this project turned out awesome!