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Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Spring" Giveaway to Celebrate My new Facelift!

Notice anything different?...  Yup, I gave my blog a much needed facelift.

I hope you like it!

I'd really like to show it off...SO...I'm hoping you can help spread the word.   And I'd like to thank you in advance by offering a special junky prize for some lucky winner. 

Well, it's not THAT special, but it is FUN!  And everyone who sees them loves them.

And who couldn't use more candles?
Especially ones made from old bedsprings.

Oh, sure, you could harvest some of your own, but do you think you really will? Huh? Do you?

Anyway, here's the deal:

To be eligible just leave a comment on this post (any topic, I'm not picky) for ONE entry. 

Post a link from your blog to let others know about the giveaway for THREE more entries -- let me know in a comment.  

NO entry for being a follower.  I know that's not the norm, but I don't want anyone to follow me to win a prize.  But I'd love for you to follow if you DO enjoy my blog.

The winner will be drawn at random from the entries and receive a set of "spring" candles with your choice of ribbon (typewriter, jute, polka dots, burlap strips).  And I might just throw in a few other junk goodies to boot.  So....are you feeling lucky?

You'll find out on Thursday, March 17.  You have until 3:17 p.m. (EST) to enter.  :)  



Suzie said...

I love these!

rachel said...

Your blog looks great! Please enter me in your drawing - those spring candle holders are great! I will post on my sidebar too!
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

These are such a cute idea! I had an box spring that wasn't quite rusty enough and someone actually wanted it as a box spring!!! No more springs for me now!

artteachergirl said...

Your blog looks maaaaverlous darling! Really! Thanks for listing me on your blog list!
Those springy candle holders are so sweet! I don't know what to call what I pulled out of an old sofa recently...they aren't springs, but some kind of wavy metal strips. I'm wanting to make them into wreaths, but so far they are not co-operating. They are beating me to death every time I think I have them secured in a circle shape. Oh well...still love your springs! Vicki

Debbie P. said...

Love the candle holders; I can never find bed springs! I also love your swing planter; very ingenious! Please enter me in your drawing - thanks!!