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Monday, August 23, 2010

I kinda LIKE Mondays.

I so often hear people lamenting how much they "don't like Mondays!" Now, I'm not saying that I'm crazy about Mondays, but there are some things about them that I like. The main one is that around here it's GARBAGE DAY! I'm happy I can set my accumulated trash out to the curb. AND I can check out other people's curbside deposits.
I don't cruise around town every week (I have to get up pretty early to beat out the variety of trucks squealing their brakes), but today I had "that urge". I think I did pretty good....

so this picture isn't the greatest, then again, neither is this dining table. Pretty unimaginative BUT is was free, sturdy, and all the parts were there.

Next up (and hopelessly sideways) is this pile of vintage cabinets doors. 19 in all, and in all variety of sizes.

And finally, as I was returning home on my new and improved "route" I spotted this large white board. A little warped, but I'll be cutting in into pieces for memo boards anyway.
AHHHH. What a great start to another week of junking. And I was feeling so full of myself that I thought it'd be a good day to visit my beloved Goodwill Warehouse. So far, I've spent $0, but this is the time you might want to start guessing my $$ amount if you want to play along.
I'll reveal the total at the end.

The real goal of my trip -- glass and plates. So I grabbed a white plate and 2 vases.

3 Vintage books -- always good to have on hand either straight up or for the pages. 2 Dictionaries (check out the awesome artwork) and 1 hymnal.

5 wooden frames (ignore any artwork, it will be going!) -- good for chalkboards, organizers,etc.

5 miscellaneous metal pieces, including a lidded bundt pan.

2 silver (you know what I mean!) trays -- perfect for chalkboards, 2 small glam purses, and some faux pearl strings.

Misc. pieces with decore potential.

More misc. pieces -- Christmas tree stand, muffin tin (great for organizing hardward), a softball (can never have enough), and a very tiny ball glove (my daughter works with kids who'll love this!).
Thanks for looking.
Oh, yeah. You want to know the grand total for my Goodwill haul?.........$7.00. :)


Melissa said...

Great haul!!

Kathy@ Gone North said...

Great finds!! I am guessing that you hit the same GW warehouse that we go to every so often... You take your life in your hands when digging : ) And last week we encountered some VERY rude folks, fighting over furniture :) We were wondering, if anything is worth not being nice....My DIL had someone take something right from her hands....
I enjoy your blog & seeing what you do with another's trash ....

That Girl Ang said...

LOL You are outta control...LOL Now send me those frames and purses. Ha! Great finds lady1 said...

wow! that's a lot of good stuff! So many possibilities!
way to go

Patty B. said...

Wow, you have some nice pricers at your Goodwill.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

wow- some great finds! i also like mondays... after the weekend i think it is nice to have routine again! :) i am a creature of habit though, and i like knowing what they day holds fro me.

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

I would have been all over those cabinet doors too! You got some great stuff there!


I Love it when you have a trip like that and come back with so much stuff full of possibility!

Meet Polly: said...

You found ALL that in someone's trash!? I'm amazed. I'll have to look a little closer at my neighbor's pile of trash next garbage day!