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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's something, anyway.

Well, I'm still struggling with being a consistent, hardcore blogger. But I did get a project completed and thought that was a good excuse to post. I had to buy a new camera a few months ago and I'm still not too smooth with retrieving photos, etc. SO, here's my one shot of my recently completed project.

It is made from an old headboard that sat around my shop for awhile because there was no footboard and it was quite big and clunky to haul up to my loft. After, seeing a corner bench someone else had made I thought "Well, yeah, it's cool but I'm not going to break up a set. I'd have to wait til I had ONLY a headboard". It took me a while to put that all together. Duh. But glad I eventually did.

In my mind it was WAY cooler. I was trying to go for something "classy" (not my typical route). I had no fabric that seemed to work, so I went to the store and BOUGHT some (ouch that hurt to say -- on many levels). What an ordeal! I was there forever (and I think made some new friends along the way, or should I say met people who will be on the lookout for me in the future!). I finally made a decision I thought I was happy with, but now I'm not so sure.
It just seems a bit boring. Maybe it just needs to grow on me.

Oh, well. Enough of my babbling. There's more junk that needs some love! But this time -- more whimsy!


Just reread all that. Wow! That really had a whiny tone all the way thru. Sorry about that -- not sure what my deal was. Cheers!

I'm linking this up to Lezlee's linky party over at Prior Lives Party .

11 comments: said...

I love it! In my opinion, corner benches are easier to make and so much more adorable!
great job!

red.neck chic said...

Well.... I personally want to come GET IT FROM YOU and park it in the single-wide!!! I think it's AWESOME!!!

I'm sending you a headboard now. LOLOL

;-D Have a beautiful Thursday!!!

Nancy said...

Midge, that's really a neat bench! I don't think it's boring. You did a great job!


judi said...

i think the corner bench is grand! love the pineapple finials.
if its at all a consolation...i too struggle with fabric choice and i have a background in fashion design...ooh..did i just admit that?! or maybe it's the perfectionist struggling to be heard. anyhoo, go to blogging without obligation site...i did...and now have a button on my least until i decide otherwise. my family and life takes priority over the blog (yup..just admitted that too)

have a great weekend midge!

judi ;)

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I love this, very cute! said...

Are you kidding me? That bench is awesome! I'd welcome it in my house any day!

Melissa said...

Oh, I adore it. If you lived closer, I would buy it from you. Not hat I have a place for it - but I love it.

Prior said...

Very classy.
The fabric is a great choice, you won't tire of it quickly, and the chunkiness of it was screaming for black paint! You did a great job, and thanks so much for joining my party! Blogging shouldn't be a chore or meet anyone's time frame, except yours, unless you are using it to grow your business and it is part of that plan. It is just fun for me, so I have to watch my time~

That Girl Ang said...

Great project Midge.... I WISH I'd though of something SO clever. Don't worry about blogging all the time.. we are here when you are! ;)


Rebecca said...

How original-haven't seen that before!

Decgal's Humble Abode said...

I love this bench. I could see making some for, say, a farmers market. They would sale like hot cakes..... with orders for more.