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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hoping to Score Some Points with this one!

Amy over at Junkologie is hosting a party -- A Junk Potluck Party! Well, actually, she already hosted one last weekend in Oronoco, Minnesota. But some of us just weren't able to RSVP to such an event. And being the gracious hostess that she is, she provided a way for us to particiapte too -- virtually! Not only that, our party doesn't end until Friday. So I thought that I had PLENTY of time, until I realized that I'm leaving in the morning and will be away from a computer for 4 days.'s time for me to party!

This is what I'm bringing to the party (again, virtually of course). Since I'm in a bit of a time crunch, I went to my go-to standby procrastinator's potluck dish -- Taco Salad. And did I mention that this is a JUNK potluck? That means that there's not junk food, but the food IS served up junk style. And for me (again taking the quick and easy route as I head out of town) that meant making a little Scrabble board platform to set my taco salad bowl on. Very easy to "construct" (okay, I didn't even attach together, but don't tell the judges that), I found a simple metal thingy and set a Scrabble board on top. It's not only easy, but fun and informative. You can spell out words on the board itself or on the letter stand. So there you have it!
But....beep....beep....beep......back up a second. Did I say "judges"? Why yes I did! You see this virtual potluck is also a contest, with prizes awarded to the top 3 entries. And word on the street is that these are some super cool ones.
So...what do you think? Who doesn't like a good potluck! And junk?....Even better! To participate, all you have to do is link up your blog or JunkMarketStyle post. Visit Junkologie to check it out.
Junk appetit!

I'm linking this up to Becky's Under $100 linky party.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I kinda LIKE Mondays.

I so often hear people lamenting how much they "don't like Mondays!" Now, I'm not saying that I'm crazy about Mondays, but there are some things about them that I like. The main one is that around here it's GARBAGE DAY! I'm happy I can set my accumulated trash out to the curb. AND I can check out other people's curbside deposits.
I don't cruise around town every week (I have to get up pretty early to beat out the variety of trucks squealing their brakes), but today I had "that urge". I think I did pretty good....

so this picture isn't the greatest, then again, neither is this dining table. Pretty unimaginative BUT is was free, sturdy, and all the parts were there.

Next up (and hopelessly sideways) is this pile of vintage cabinets doors. 19 in all, and in all variety of sizes.

And finally, as I was returning home on my new and improved "route" I spotted this large white board. A little warped, but I'll be cutting in into pieces for memo boards anyway.
AHHHH. What a great start to another week of junking. And I was feeling so full of myself that I thought it'd be a good day to visit my beloved Goodwill Warehouse. So far, I've spent $0, but this is the time you might want to start guessing my $$ amount if you want to play along.
I'll reveal the total at the end.

The real goal of my trip -- glass and plates. So I grabbed a white plate and 2 vases.

3 Vintage books -- always good to have on hand either straight up or for the pages. 2 Dictionaries (check out the awesome artwork) and 1 hymnal.

5 wooden frames (ignore any artwork, it will be going!) -- good for chalkboards, organizers,etc.

5 miscellaneous metal pieces, including a lidded bundt pan.

2 silver (you know what I mean!) trays -- perfect for chalkboards, 2 small glam purses, and some faux pearl strings.

Misc. pieces with decore potential.

More misc. pieces -- Christmas tree stand, muffin tin (great for organizing hardward), a softball (can never have enough), and a very tiny ball glove (my daughter works with kids who'll love this!).
Thanks for looking.
Oh, yeah. You want to know the grand total for my Goodwill haul?.........$7.00. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

"Mom always liked you best!"

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, because quite frankly, this post is going to be a little bit painful. Donna is at it again with her Saturday Night Special linky party. And this weekend, she wants us to choose the favorite of our projects -- AAARRRGGGHHH! You may as well have asked which is the favorite of our children! Who could ever pick a favorite!! Afterall, these projects are like extensions of ourselves and we often fall in love with them and don't want to let them go.
So, truth be told, I have several "favorites" but chose just one to spotlight here. And here it is .......

This iron wheel was waiting for me at a farm auction a few years ago, and I spent the day waiting for it! But when the end of the day came and they started buttoning things up without mentioning it, I got a little nervous and spoke up (I think they thought it was junk -- can you imagine). With no one interested, I got it for $1.00 -- that beautiful, chippy, rusty iron wheel. And I knew from the start that it would make an awesome mirror. Initially I was bummed that there was a flat spot, but lately realized that would make it perfect for setting on a shelf or mantel.
So where is this beauty now? Probably adorning some cottage on Lake Michigan. A feature article in our local paper included a picture of it and I was promptly called by someone wanting to know if it was for sale. Yes -- sniff, sniff -- it is. It was time for that one to head out into the world.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's something, anyway.

Well, I'm still struggling with being a consistent, hardcore blogger. But I did get a project completed and thought that was a good excuse to post. I had to buy a new camera a few months ago and I'm still not too smooth with retrieving photos, etc. SO, here's my one shot of my recently completed project.

It is made from an old headboard that sat around my shop for awhile because there was no footboard and it was quite big and clunky to haul up to my loft. After, seeing a corner bench someone else had made I thought "Well, yeah, it's cool but I'm not going to break up a set. I'd have to wait til I had ONLY a headboard". It took me a while to put that all together. Duh. But glad I eventually did.

In my mind it was WAY cooler. I was trying to go for something "classy" (not my typical route). I had no fabric that seemed to work, so I went to the store and BOUGHT some (ouch that hurt to say -- on many levels). What an ordeal! I was there forever (and I think made some new friends along the way, or should I say met people who will be on the lookout for me in the future!). I finally made a decision I thought I was happy with, but now I'm not so sure.
It just seems a bit boring. Maybe it just needs to grow on me.

Oh, well. Enough of my babbling. There's more junk that needs some love! But this time -- more whimsy!


Just reread all that. Wow! That really had a whiny tone all the way thru. Sorry about that -- not sure what my deal was. Cheers!

I'm linking this up to Lezlee's linky party over at Prior Lives Party .

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Quickie -- and some diamonds!

Just a quickie post for now because it's been too long since I've posted. And I've been negligent in my blog visiting and commenting. Sorry -- I'm trying to get back on track.

So where have I been? Well, nowhere special. I've just been preoccupied with my sale I had last weekend. It went pretty well, EXCEPT (and here's where the diamonds enter the scene) --

I started the day with the shattering of a giant (3'x7') pane of glass, all over my head and all over the parking lot (don't worry, it was tempered). Sometime after, someone pulled up and shouted out their window "So what are you going to make out of THAT?!" At which we first laughed, and then we both looked at each other with that "you're right!" kinda look. Afterall, it really did look like a pile of sparkling diamonds lying there in the parking lot, and who wouldn't want a junk project made from diamonds?

So the diamonds, I mean thousands of pieces of glass, have been saved and are waiting for their next life. I've got some ideas.....but I'd certainly welcome more.