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Monday, June 22, 2009

Blessing #8

Friday night our church's youth group held their annual all-nighter and being one of the leaders, I had chaperone duty (okay, to answer your question, no I didn't make it all night. I had a little "rest" from 1-3, otherwise I was good to go but I am getting a little old for this stuff). Around 8:30 p.m. the storms starting rolling in and by 9:00 we had lost power. So my Blessing #8 is:

Okay, I realize that there are some people who have to have power for health reasons and hopefully those people have backup generators. But for the majority of us, we rely too heavily on all the gadgets that are powered by electriciy. The picture shows our sanctuary with only auxillary lighting working. Our first reaction was "oh, no, what will we do?" No cooking, we can't see much, and...OH, NO... NO X-BOX! But the kids were real troopers and were able to occupy the next 3 hours with no power. It actually worked in our favor. The highlight of the night was a grueling hour of capture the flag. (After losing several times, my team won the last round when I implemented "OPERATION FAKE INJURY". I've tried it before with no success, but Friday night as I rolled around the floor screaming, and with my opposing team son yelling "Ignore her, Ignore her!", my teammates zoomed in to capture the flag and win!) We ended just in time to greet the pizza delivery man.

Anyway, it reminded me that several years ago when we first moved out to the country, we seemed to lose power a lot. We always used those times to play charades or other family games together. They were some really fun times and we got to where we almost wanted the power to go out. Forced isolation seems about the only way to pull us away from t.v.s, computers, and video games. Maybe it's time for us Moms to implement "OPERATION FAKE POPPED MAIN FUSE". Our families might just end up with a few more victories. Peace out!


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red.neck chic said...

My Son has been with his Dad for the past month (thankfully I didn't have to let him go for the whole summer!!!) and the trip to and from is always my "power outage" with him! We have so much fun in the car and it's great because between the two of us we have 50 million things going on everyday and don't get to just talk and sing and goof off like we do on our road trips (or "power outage"!)! I get to pick him up this Saturday - and I will be taking your story with me!

Thanks for sharing!!!

:-) Robelyn