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Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick and Easy

Okay. I realized that I was falling behind on my blogging and I didn't want that to continue. Sooo... time for a quick and easy post, but I wanted it to include a completed project or two. So I did quick review of my photos to see if I neglected to post any. And, sure enough, I'd posted about disassembling the piano I got, but I never posted any "after" pictures. Well, here are a couple (but I still have some parts for a few more ideas I have).....

The biggie. The piano all put back together. It looks like your everyday piano.

But lift the lid and you'll see it's REALLY a home office. Shelving and plexiglass cover the keyboard area for storing a "keyboard" and other office supplies. The top section houses the monitor, printer, etc. That piece does lift up, but you can also open or close the doors. Down below, another door hides the computer.

The piano is a shell of its former self and on casters, so it can easily be pulled out for accessing the back area. File cabinets drawers and other supplies could be stored there.

Another project from that piano. The piano was a player type and this mechanism was inside. I
mounted little photos onto it and you can make them bob up and down by turning the handle. The tag is from the player roll I found inside.
That's it for now. Afterall, nothing says quick and easy like REDOING A PIANO!


vintagesue said...

okay...just stumbled onto your site. I ADORE IT. your ideas are charming, functional and very, very junk worthy.
will click back often!! thanks for sharing.

Anita said...

Crack me up- nothing says quick and easy like redoing a piano....I love love love the picture piece...leave no pieces unused! You are definitely a JUNK GODDESS in my book:)


LuvMyGarden said...

Clever...I just love how you think! Will you be my junk consultant?!