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Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm going to a Party!

There's a party going on over at Me & My House and I'm heading over to join in the fun. Consider this my RSVP. If you want to come along, just click on the badge below. Hope to see you there!

Most of my junk is not redone, or reused (though it happens occasionally), but is redesigned. That means I usually have to break out the tools and put in some work, but I'm able to use a greater variety of junk and definitely can get better prices on things (often free). I've been junking longer than blogging so here are some of my favorite projects that otherwise might not have been posted. Here's what I'm bringing to the party:

One of my earliest and BIGGEST projects when I began junking a few years ago. A couch made from doors.

A candelier made from............okay, you guessed it, from a coffee table bottom turned upside down.
Who says hall trees have to be elegant?

I waited all day to get this iron wheel from the auction (ended up paying $1) because I knew it would make an awesome mirror. It did.

Those vintage wheels don't just hold photos, they really spin!

Say "cheese"! Or maybe I should say "Can you turn off the light?".

Kind of Pottery Barnish, but it's really pure junk.

I've got the world by a string! Well, at least the birds do, anyway.

Office organization, AND JUNK? Oh, yeah!

Who doesn't love tin ceiling tiles? There's always a way to put good junk to use. And I always have fun doing so.
That's it. Besides, I've gotta go. I have a party to get to!


foxxy said...

Everything is so cool! Your style is very unique. It reminds me of Margo the robojunker.

red.neck chic said...

oh my gosh - I looooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee the candalier!!! You are so awesome - I'd take any and all of it and happily park it in my house!!! Have a great week-end and enjoy your party!!!

:-) robelyn

Kristal said...

You have done some really great things to your junk. I really like the couch. I have an old bench made in the same fashion.

Michele said...

Hi Midge ~ thanks for stopping by..I love visitors! I'm going to add you to my favorites so I can stop by and visit often!


Artsy Fartsy said...

LOVE the wire wheel covers!! Fabulous-o idea!! Thanks for tagging me, I will try to get it up on my blog soon, I had a customer come by and picked several of pieces of furniture out tonight and I have got to get myself busy on them. Should have pics of the afters posted soon on my blog as well. Have a great weekend, thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog!! Janna

Me & My House said...

Thanks so much for adding your junk to the party! Such great stuff. I really like the bench...the doors are fab! I stopped on the side of the road the other day and picked up one similar to this...I just need ANOTHER to do something like this! Keeping my fingers crossed for FREE! Yeah! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I like how you repurpose all that old junk. the metal wheel mirror is GREAT!